Triple X The Vice 5’10 Epoxy Fish Surfboard Blue & Grey


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Want performance and still want to rip smaller, mushy waves? Then this board is for you!

The Triple X performance fish surfboard…wide, stable, aggressive and FAST. The ultimate wave catching, quick turning short surfboard. The fish surfboard is a one of the most unique designs when it comes to catching waves with a shaper template.  This board maintains the width of a mini-longboard, but is much smaller in length. This helps maintain your stability while making it a cinch to paddle for a board this short. This board features nose V concave to double concave at the tail. You get the best of all worlds with this combination of designs. The “V” will help you turn quickly while the double through the tail allows you to generate speed and make some killer cut-backs. The Quad fin setup is quick and fast and allows a channel designed for fast action, even in small waves.


Brand new epoxy technology w/high gloss finish
Genuine FCS quad fin system
Comes with 4 fins and a fin wrench
Length  5’10”
Width  21″

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